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It’s Walter Blake speaking,
the commander of the Black Legion.

We are holding Utopia’s last outpost.
It’s hot as hell here!

I need your help. Give me your coordinates
and I’ll get in touch with you when the time comes.

Blake’s story

It was the end of the fifth day in the decompression chamber, and the work on Walter Blake’s body was nearly over. His muscles had been filled with inhuman power; the speed of his reflexes was multiplied; his bones had become stronger than steel, and his Psi-abilities had reached a phenomenal level. Just a little more time and he’d be turned into a perfected warrior – a fighting entity never before seen on this planet, maybe even in the whole universe…

However, for now, he was in a deep sleep. The memories of the past few years would not let him go and were turning into a series of harsh nightmares that he couldn’t shake. His arrival on Utopia with the crowds of struggling refugees, the distorted faces of crazed rioters, the dazzling glow over the horizon… The steaming dunes and blackened iron ruins… His Black Legion comrades throwing themselves again and again into hopeless attacks… The numerous hordes of the Dominion’s steel soldiers surrounding him… The order to launch the «A.R.E.S.» project… The base on an uninhabited desert island that he’d inherited command of and the endless experiments… The daily agony he endured as payment for these new incredible abilities… The tough decision to enter the final stage of the transformation and the dark interior of the decompression chamber…

The awakening was sudden, as if someone had put on all the lights. The narcosis was completely gone in an instant and his consciousness became crystal clear. Blake realized that the process was finally over. There was no more pain, his body was full of strength and all his senses were sharper than a knife. Having no intention to wait for the timer to go off, he put his hand out and pushed against the door of the chamber. The metal buckled beneath his hands easily like it was wet clay, and the thick glass cracked at his touch. The hinges squeaked pitifully in distress as the door gave way and opened wide. Blake got cautiously on to his feet, tearing off varying sensors from his body.

He was met with the restless eyes and the tense silence of his subordinates. It was not about the experiment – the results had exceeded everyone’s expectations – but while Blake was unconscious, the connection to the Black Legion’s headquarters was lost. No transmissions were received from General Kurbatov, and there was a frightening chaos on the airwaves from the frontlines. The absolute soldier was created, but he was left with no commanders. All alone against the whole planet…