Resources - Evolution 2:Battle for Utopia
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Resources are required for production, technological progress, base-building, and character development.
Gems are Utopia's primary currency. They can be purchased at the Bank or obtained as a reward for leveling up and completing certain missions.
Biofuel is the most important resource and is used in most processes. It is produced by the Reactor in the Laboratory and can also be earned by completing missions and terrors.
Skill points can be earned as a reward for completing terrors in Co-op mode. They can be used to make purchases in the Co-op Shop and to level up your partners.
Magmatite is an important resource that is required for production and construction. It is procured at the mines and can also be earned as a reward for completing missions and terrors.
Crystallite is a rare mineral mined from the depths of Utopia. It is required for activating Psi Powers, and it is also used in high-tech processes.
Medals are granted as rewards for PvP battles and terrors. They are required for upgrading weapons and armor.
Iron is a traditional material used in many kinds of production. It can be obtained by building mines and completing missions and terrors.
Data disks carry valuable information without which technological development would be impossible. You can obtain a limited number of disks every day by completing terrors.