XI - Evolution 2:Battle for Utopia
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A horde of monstrous creatures and mutated humans controlled by a mysterious entity. They worship the One, do not fear death, and can violate the laws of nature. Anyone who does not share their beliefs must die!


The Xi overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers, throwing hordes of fighters and obedient creatures against their foes.


The Xi army has the largest monsters on this planet.


The Xi force their enemies into close combat and even sacrifice their own lives, blowing themselves up along with their foes.
The Crawler is a carnivorous underground worm covered in a chitinous shell. It attacks enemies in melee combat.
The most common Xi-spawn. It tries to get close to its victim in order to spit a clump of acid at it.
Spider Soldier
A big, tough spider. It rushes to attack and tries to kill its victim in melee combat.
The Spideress is a massive female spider. It spits clumps of acid that explode like bombs. Several spiders emerge from its body when it dies.
A human who has been transformed by Xi. This creature attacks with clusters of energy.
The Bomber's bloated body is filled with an explosive liquid. It rushes forward and tries to blow the enemy up at the price of its own life.
Bomber Queen
The atomic bomb of the bomber world. Surrounded by smaller creatures, it approaches its victim while firing an energy beam at it.
Exploding Spider
Small, but fast creatures that appear after a Bomber Queen explodes.
Chosen One
The highest stage of transformation for a XI follower. He almost completely lost any human resemblance, but obtained an ability to resurrect on the battlefield, terrifying his enemies.
Bloody Creeper
An underground worm, who is different from usual crawlers not only by his color and size, but also special ability. He damages his victim from the distance, slowly draining its health during the fight.
They control the following of XI covenants and incessantly train their minds, collecting psi-power. When the deciding hour comes, they commit suicide and unleash it with a deadly storm.
Right Hand
Live embodiment of the Will of XI. Hand covers hordes of creatures, has the ability to resurrect and unleashes on his enemies giant boulders. XI itself helps him, throwing strikes up from the ground on his foes.


When the disaster rocked Utopia, it led to countless victims and the death of all plant life. But the desert was soon filled with new forms of life such as gigantic spiders, enormous carnivorous worms, and bombers with bellies full of explosive liquid. They were all spawned and controlled by a single entity, the mighty Xi, which hides deep within the planet.

Among the hordes of this army of hostile creatures are people who have almost lost their human appearance. They worship Xi as a god. According to their faith, the disaster freed Xi from the shackles of its lengthy imprisonment. Xi will soon regain its power and transform the universe. The old world will be destroyed, and there will be a Great Convergence of all things in the new world. The Great Convergence can be made to come as soon as possible by exterminating all of Xi's enemies, which is what his faithful followers are doing.

In battle, they attack their enemies wave after wave with no care for their own lives. Some of them sacrifice themselves and blow themselves up, hoping to take as many foes as possible with them to the afterlife. Others perform ritual suicide on the battlefield in order to lend power to their brethren. Still others die and resurrect by the will of their lord. In the war with Xi we will have to forget the familiar laws of nature. Be prepared—we face a mysterious force that can alter reality itself...